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A podcast to help you rewire your leadership patterns on a nervous system level, so you can embody the confidence to lead, with your truth! 

Coaches! Here’s Where Your Next Uplevel Is Coming From!

FACT: None of us got into coaching and leadership because we want to cause harm to others.

We chose these professions because we believe in the innate ability for human beings to be expansive, to rise from the ashes of what keeps them from being fully expressed AND well… we believe people can heal.

And yet,  the coaching and leadership industries are riddled with power-over leadership, toxic and harmful coaching practices and even cult like leaders who prey on the insecurities and stress responses of the folks that need support ~ that shit is harmful.

If you’re hanging out with me today, you’re ready for the inevitable change that’s been a long time coming in the coaching and leadership industries so stick around to find out what the next necessary level in your work needs to be, to create the best outcome for those people you support.

There’s a big shift happening in the coaching and leadership industries! Click to listen, so you can be a part of it!

Notable points in this episode: The next step you need to take to uplevel your coaching practice.

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