Find the power of your authentic voice.

Speak on stage, online and in all areas of your life with unshakable confidence  and kick stage fright and self doubt to the curb!

1:1 coaching for thought leaders, public speakers, and entrepreneurs ready to show up, be heard and change the world. 


Get ready for the world to hear your voice...

Your voice and story are your most important resources. When you own your voice, you can speak your truth. When you can speak your truth, you can change the world. The Art and Soul of Speaking Up teaches you how to: 

Claim your voice and your story so you can inspire others as a thought leader, public speaker, professional, or entrepreneur!

Overcome fear and discomfort of speaking up so you can unleash your voice to the world!

Make powerful and authentic impressions in your work, so you can make big impact doing the thing you're on this earth to do!

No one knows your voice and truth better than you do...

You can build confidence to show up, be heard and speak your deepest truths in your work. With the right tools, you'll be on your way in no time!

You have innate truth speaking superpowers. When you unleash them... watch out world!! 

Pssst... you don't have to "find your voice"... this work helps you CLAIM the voice that's already in you!

You are not "bad at public speaking", you're navigating a bunch of cultural narratives and personal experiences that make speaking up feel challenging. THIS is where you learn The Art and Soul of Speaking Up! 

The Art and Soul of Speaking Up Coaching!


Exclusive 1:1 coaching for thought leaders, public speakers and entrepreneurs who are ready to unleash their voice to the world with confidence and empowered purpose.

That TED Talk you've been dreaming about... Yes, you can!

Those social media videos you want to record that  you KNOW will inspire your followers to take action... Yes, you can! 

That podcast you've been conjuring up for months and months to support your biz growth ... Yes, you can! 

The Art and Soul of Speaking Up focuses on 3 main areas of growth to help you land the dream speaking gigs you've been seeking:

Embodied Confidence - so you can show up as your authentic self, no more faking it till you make it!
Soulful Speaking Strategies - so you can speak from your heart with confidence and deep inner trust!
Claiming YOUR Story - so you can inspire, motivate and transform the lives of those you reach with your work!

The Art and Soul of Speaking Up is where your truth meets the ears of the people whose lives you'll change! 

The world is ready to hear your truth!

You can learn to speak with confidence:

Whether you're on stage for your first, third or tenth TED Talk, recording the 200th episode of your thought leading podcast, or showing up as a guest speaker on a colleagues zoom coaching call, The Art and Soul of Speaking Up is within reach. 

The discomfort and tension that shows up in your body before you're about to speak is actually your body trying to protect you ~ befriending that discomfort is your first step to claiming your truth and speaking up with confidence. 

If you've been struggling with being able to celebrate yourself or believe that your voice is worth sharing, know that these experiences are common. 

We learn a lot about the power and purpose and worth of our voices from outside sources ~ when the true power is within yourself. Let's shine a love light on it and let it emerge! 

Each Art and Soul Coaching Package includes: 

Twelve 60 minute coaching/strategy calls via ZOOM or in person at my studio if you are local to Halifax, NS. 

3 additional hours of in between session support per month via voice memo (Voxer), email or video messenger (Marco Polo.)

Recorded guided meditations and somatic exercises for your own embodiment practice. (Where the juicy stuff happens!)

An in depth discovery and development of your personal story and truth speaking superpowers, so you can inspire and motivate your crowds with your deepest truths. 

Loads of practice, so you can step up to any mic you choose with embodied confidence and inner knowing that you will ROCK your talk! 


here are some really nice things some of my clients have said

"I was struggling with celebrating myself and believing my voice was worth sharing. It was empowering to open up and share my truth and struggles. Since this opening, I’m empowered to speak up and trust my voice."

Jess Clerk ~ Podcast Host and Confidence Coach


"Working with Elise has been an awakening of spirit. She helped me get the voice back I thought I had lost" 

Jessie Brown ~ Award Winning Vocalist & Voice Coach

Here Are the Results You Can Expect

Trust your voice

Embody the confidence to share your work with airtight trust and the highest integrity. Gain the tools to build resilience and strength as a public speaker so you can show up and shine doing the work you're on the earth to do! 

Heal Blocks and Beliefs

Heal the deepest physical and mental blocks that kept you from showing up and using your voice confidently. Healing of imposter syndrome, inner critic, and disempowering beliefs, and gain a felt sense of "readiness" and affirmation of how you want to show up in your life and work.  

Claim your truth

Your own story and personal experiences play a big role in endearing the people who need to hear your message to you. Claiming your truth and honing your own story is how you'll transform the lives of those who are waiting to hear from you! 


Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different from your other 1:1 coaching? 

Great question! I also work with women and further marginalized folks in leadership, to help them have hard conversations with more ease and grace. This Art and Soul of Speaking Up work employs many of the same techniques but are of course, applied to public speaking!

Will this coaching help me to set boundaries and have hard conversations with more ease? 

My goodness, YES! All of the strategies and tools we use in developing your public speaking voice confidence are directly transferable to your personal and interpersonal communication. Trust and believe, dear one! You'll be speaking up with more confidence in ALL areas of your life!   

How is the coaching delivered? 

Coaching and VIP Days are delivered online worldwide via ZOOM OR in person at my Halifax NS studio. Want to fly me to you for a 1:1 intensive in your home town*? Let's chat and work the details out!
* travel, and accommodation fees are in addition to coaching/consulting fees.  

Do you work with folks who don't identify as women?

My coaching and consulting is approached from an intersectional point of view and I absolutely welcome non-binary folks into this work. I frame my work from the perspective and experience as a white cis gender woman with privilege AND I have also purposely created this work to celebrate diversity with intention, to create an affirming culture of bravery and belonging, where every client can be their fullest selves and speak their authentic truth.

IF you identify as man or are a cis gender man that is interested in exploring this work based on my point of view, I invite you to CLICK HERE to book a discovery call and we can chat about whether or not this is a good fit for you! 

Can you help me with stage fright? Is there a way for me to overcome that? 

Oh my dear... didn't you know? My clients call me The Stage Fright Whisperer! (true story!) All that aside, YES. This work specifically targets nervous system regulation techniques to support building confidence and gaining personal trust in your own instrument of truth! (that's your voice, btw!) 

Public speaking and speaking up with confidence are in your immediate future, dear one!

Working with me will assure radically soulful and compassionate support ~ sprinkled with soulful strategies and tools to get you resourced and ready to share your truth with the world!

Click the button below and book a 30 min discovery call, where we can chat about best next steps! 

If you are here... 

You're ready to explore The Art and Soul of Speaking Up!