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March 15th, 2024:


April 18-21st, 2024
Ingramport, Nova Scotia

With Voice and Communication Coach,
Elise Besler 

The RE-Sounding Woman Retreat

Summon your most confident and courageous voice at the ocean's edge.

"Elise helped me shift from a passive character in my life to a much more active one"

“I was able to let go of some of my fears around perfection or looking silly, and sink into what it meant to identify myself, my desires, and my goals. I highly recommend working with Elise if you struggle with communicating not only with others, but also with yourself.”

Nikki Rose Martin ~ Actor/Musician/Writer/Teacher

Shout it unapologetically from the rooftops Mama, dedicating time to your rest and your growth is of the utmost importance. 
YOU ~ Choosing yourself (yes, that is a MUST, here), to have YOUR needs taken care of for a long weekend in a cozy, spacious and luxe retreat space at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. 

~ Harnessing the ancient wisdom of your body and building trust to use your voice so you can stop over giving and overdelivering in your personal and professional life.
YOU ~ Prioritizing yourself, finding a little space between the busy to be nourished on a cellular and soul level, while you heal your beliefs about the power and purpose of your voice. 

YOU ~ and your most unshakeable truth, in a sacred circle of sisterhood. 

The vision for
RE-Sounding Woman ... 

What we WON'T do at RE-Sounding Woman...

Over-give,over-deliver, force what isn't there,
"do it wrong" (pssst... you can't), ignore our boundaries, do or say anything that doesn't feel 100% good in our bodies.

  • Daily time to BE with yourself; you'll tap into felt safety in your body, so you can use your voice to advocate for yourself with confidence. 

  • Daily time to BE witnessed; be held in a sacred circle of like-minded women, as you birth the next version of yourself. The Well-Boundaried-Woman version of yourself. 

  • Time to heal, be present and be gentle: to prioritized yourself over everyone else for once. (No apologizing necessary!) 

You'll make noise, your truth will take new shape.

You'll feel the magic of the ocean, taste the delight of hand made food.

We'll take care of literally everything else for you. 

Evolve into the next fully expressed version of yourself while being held in deep rest and nourishment for your soul.  

What you WILL do at RE-Sounding Woman...

She will help you embrace your truth, trust your voice, and feel safe to fully express Who You Are. 

Radical Supportress, Holder of Brave Spaces, Possibilitarian, Stage Fright Whisperer, and Relentless Believer In The Power Of Your Voice ...

About your Retreat Leader and Coach, Elise Besler

A little love note:

Dear One,

In the 20+ years I've been a Boundary and Communication Coach, I haven't met one woman that doesn't feel exhausted by the constant demands of personal life, career and the stress of living under a cultural and systemic narrative that our voices don't matter.

The truth? Speaking up for ourselves doesn't have to be as stressful and exhausting as it seems, and I'm here to help you embody the power and purpose of your truth.

Xo, Elise

“Elise’s last retreat in Hawaii was literally life-changing, and I came home with a clear path, a vision for my future, and the tools to make it happen.”

“Working with Elise has been transformative in more ways than I ever imagined. She has helped me understand and access the ancient wisdom that exists within my own body, allowing me to move through my days more ease-fully and navigate challenging relationships and conversations with compassion and calm. If you're stuck in "fight, flight, or freeze" and you're ready for a more serene and sustainable approach to life, then I highly recommend Elise as your gentle, insightful, and compassionate guide.”

Emily Reiner ~ Health Coach and Entrepreneur 

Holding your ground during hard conversations, so you can show up in your work and relationships KNOWING and expressing what you need and want!

Embodying the deeply important skill of not self-abandoning in the presence of toxic people, so you can stop giving away your power. 

Nourished on a SOUL LEVEL through connection in a sacred circle of like-minded women.

Have the tools and skills to honour YOURSELF in a culture that prioritizes people pleasing. 

at the end of this long weekend retreat you'll be:

You're ready to speak with confidence in your life and work - Period.

RE-Sounding Woman, Why Now?

The “Land Yacht” is a luxury event space designed to keep you comfortable and held in tenderness as you embark upon becoming fully expressed at the RE-Sounding Woman Retreat. This retreat centre is ideally located 25 minutes from Halifax in Ingramport, NS. Nestled on a little cove at The Head of St Margarets Bay, and minutes from some of the best beaches in NS!

Luxe Ocean Front Accommodation

We’re FOODIES, here! Local chefs and restaurants will nourish your tummy and your soul during our retreat! Self prepared breakfasts (all food provided) and fully catered lunches and dinners, all snacks provided. All food allergies, preferences and sensitivities will be honoured and addressed upon registration for the retreat. Yum, yum and OH, btw ~ YUM! 

Healthy, Gourmet Meals On Site!

Your free time is of utmost importance. You're steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and a short (I mean SHORT) drive away from two of the most lovely beaches in Nova Scotia. Fancy a float? The indoor salt water pool has got your back. Need a cozy rest? The hammocks, fluffy beds and comfortable couches and chairs serve as your "home away from home" for the weekend! 

Plenty of Integration time!

Let the sounds wash over you and heal your body, mind and spirit. We’ll be using our voices to RE-Sound together, and also receive the gifts of a talented sound healer in a special ceremony at the end of day 1

Healing Ceremonies and Soulful Connection

Navigate challenging personal and professional relationships with compassion and calm. If you’re stuck in “fight, flight or freeze” when it’s time to speak up, these workshops offer a more serene, sustainable approach to your communication.

Self Expression & Communication Workshops

Take the overwhelm and stress out of setting boundaries, asking for what you want and need, advocating for yourself, and speaking up in your life and work. These coaching circles help you get to know yourself on a soul level, and feel safe to share it. 

Group Coaching Circles With Elise 

April 18-21st, 2024
Ingramport, Nova Scotia

All Of The Details

The RE-Sounding Woman Retreat

If you are flying into Halifax Airport*, car rentals are available and the retreat space is just over an hour's scenic drive.

Carpooling is definitely a possibility. Just reach out to us upon booking to see if there are other women arriving around the same time. 

* Check in is after 5:00pm on Thursday April 18th so plan flights accordingly!

Retreat space address will be sent upon registration!

Getting to the retreat:

"I have no doubt that Elise could lead anyone through their limiting beliefs towards full body expression. Who wouldn’t want that?"

"Before working with Elise, something in my body or subconscious was holding me back - literally. My throat would often feel like it was closing in or blocked when I was talking. I had a call with Elise that was so transformational, it raised my awareness of my body wisdom and love for my whole self. Anyone on the fence about doing this work, DO IT!"

Stephanie Peters-Barlett 
Reconciliation Coach

YES! All food sensitivities, true allergies, and preferences will be honoured at meal and snack times. Please let us know on your registration form. 


Elise has hosted sold out retreats for the past 10 years. Rest assured, you are in good hands with her as your leader. She only works with the most professional team members (assistants/chefs) too! 

How do I know this retreat is guaranteed?

While some of the attendees are entrepreneurs and professionals, this is NOT a business retreat. You can be guaranteed that the tools learned will transfer to ALL parts of your life though! 


Women who are ready to trade over-giving, over-delivering and self abandoning, for speaking their truth and taking the reigns back on their own life. 

who is this retreat best for?



There is plenty of "you time" built into the retreat programming! 

Need some time to yourself?

Enjoy the hammock while being lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean. If you’re lucky, the family of ground hogs might make an appearance. Some of Nova Scotia's best beaches are a stones throw away!

Space & Ease

* All beds are queen or king sized!

Fluffy beds, ample space and comfortable seating, fireplace views, swim in the indoor salt water pool, this retreat space has "got you" for the weekend! 

Wake up to the sounds of the ocean

Comfort & Care

Be held, Be Heard, BE YOU on the ocean's edge in beautiful Nova Scotia...

Your "Home Away From Home"



Everything in Shared Room PLUS...

  • 3 nights accommodation in a private suite with ensuite.

* ONE private suite left

Private Suite*

Everything in Day Rate PLUS...
  • 3 nights accommodation queen or king bed in a shared room or space (2 beds per area)
  • All meals for the entire retreat.
  • Welcome meal, cocktails and fireside group coaching session with Elise on arrival night.


Shared Space

2 Shared Space Spots Left 



  • Friday & Saturday retreat programming and workshops
  • Friday and Saturday lunches
  • Saturday Dinner
  • A welcome gift
  • Lasting connections with like-minded women
  • Increased confidence in your boundaries, truth speaking, and communication. 

Day Rate

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Spot Today!

Join Us! (All Prices in Canadian $)

15% HST will be added to retreat prices upon sign up. Equal payment plans are available at checkout!

Day 1 - Thursday April 18th: 
For overnighters: check in anytime after 5:00pm. Get settled in your room: explore the retreat house? If you're flying into Halifax Airport, detailed info will be sent regarding car rentals/possible carpooling options upon arrival.  Welcome cocktails and mocktails at 6:00pm and dinner at 6:30 pm. We’ll have an opening fire-side session and chat with healing and soulful conversation. 

Day 2- Friday April 19th: 
Overnighters, wake up next to the ocean to a slow paced, self prepared breakfast with provided food. Day rate folks join us anytime after 9:30am. We’ll have morning and afternoon workshop sessions, starting at 10:00am, with lunch served in between and a special healing sound experience to close out the day, day rate folks depart at 5:30pm, overnighters have space to relax, possibly a beach walk? and then,we’ll meet back for dinner and a relaxing evening and fireside chats. 

Day 3 ~ Saturday April 20th: 
Self prepared breakfast for the overnighters. Day rate folks join us any time after 9:30. After breakfast, we'll begin with a somatic and regulating meditation before diving into conversation and a morning session. After lunch, we’ll circle again and have an oceanside closing ceremony to seal our transformational work together. Free time at the ocean, then meet back at the retreat space for a delicious dinner as a full group before socializing with fireside cocktails/tea ~ bid adieu to our day rate friends. Then, overnighters settle in for a luxe slumber before dropping back into “real life” the next day... 

Day 4 ~ Sunday April 21st: 
Over nighters have a self-serve breakfast, coffee talk and final goodbyes before we close out this retreat at 11:00am 

What to expect at our retreat...

Connect with your soul's sound and unleash it to the world! 

"On the other side of working with elise, I feel much more connected to my body and capable of holding myself through triggering moments."

"Before working with Elise, I was looking for support with boundaries, speaking my truth, and grounding myself in my body during difficult conversations. 

Elise was compassionate and intentional as she guided me through new ways to process my emotions and nervous system responses.

The shifts I was able to make in a relatively short period of time have been profound."

Cassidy Dickens ~ Sales Copyrighter and Singer-Songwriter

Join Us in April! 
  • A long weekend retreat at a luxe and cozy ocean-front retreat space on the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia.
  • Inspiring transformational coaching circles to help you bolster your confidence to use your voice in life and work. 
  • Nourishing and delicious food for your body and your soul.
  • Ample free time and permission to fill your time in ways that only feel fully aligned for you!

The Magic Ingredients of a RE-Sounding Woman: 

~ Maya Angelou

"When you know you are of worth, you don't have to raise your voice, you don't have to become rude, you don't have to become vulgar; you just are. And you are like the sky is, as the air is, the same way water is wet. It doesn't have to protest"

What does your heart say about the prospect of being able to express yourself fully...

Let's check in...

Say hello to your uninhibited voice!

Say goodbye to tripping over your words or staying silent.... 

What's possible for you when you speak with confidence?