ready to break the
boundary overwhelm?

Discover your  Truth Speaking Archetype & "it" Factor!

ready to break the boundary overwhelm?

Discover your Truth Speaking Archetype & "it" factor!

 You feel enough of that pressure every day. 

The Truth Speaking Archetype Quiz shines a love light on your truth speaking "IT FACTOR" and gives the middle finger to the rules and systems that make boundaries such a challenge in the first place! (Yeah, I see you, Patriarchy.)

Which Archetype are you?

The Amiable Ascendant,
The Balanced Believer,
The Valiant Visionary, or the
The Gracious Guardian?

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This isn't a quiz that tells you what you're doing WRONG in your boundary setting.

Psssst... what you think might be a hinderance to holding your ground and expressing your boundaries is actually a

know your truth speaking "it factor"! 

AKA: The unique magic you can harness alongside healthy boundaries to speak up when you need to, and inspire other's to do the same. 


find out here!! >>

For the past 20+ years, I've been helping people like you embody the magic of their inner knowing so they can live and share from a place of resourced wholeness, and confidently speak up in life and work.

Hi there, Beautiful Soul!

I'm Elise!

Discover your Truth Speaking Archetype, and Rise!

understanding our strengths as a communicator  brings more authentic connection, sense of belonging and dignity to our lives. 

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