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Two Things To Consider When Offering Mindset Work

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been coached by someone who insists that the blocks you’re bumping up against are simply a mindset problem…

…only to further regress into a shame or fear response or think something’s wrong with YOU when the mindset hack they give you doesn’t create a lasting shift in your actual beliefs?

Or… Raise your hand if you’ve ever been a coach that offers mindset work as the be all end all to helping your clients create the changes they need in their lives.

No shame there folks, in either one… I’ve been there for both.

I’m going to up the anti as well… raise your hand if you’ve ever asked or been asked to “drop into your body and feel your feelings” only to have that push you even further into a stress or trauma response?

Me too. I learned that too. On both sides.

It’s time for the coaching industry to stop prescribing mindset work as the be-all-end-all to all clients problems.

It’s time to become trauma informed, so we can facilitate LASTING, HARM FREE transformation.

Notable Points In This Episode: The Two Factors to consider BEFORE you offer mindset work.

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