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Why is speaking up so hard? [Episode 01]

Have you ever had a hard time speaking up or having hard conversations as a leader?

Well, a recent survey that I sent out to my clients had an overwhelming 100% of them come back with “Yes” as an answer to that question.

If you searched up this subject, something tells me, you’re likely part of that 100% as well. So you are in good company.

→ I’m talking about women and further marginalized folks in leadership positions.

→ I’m talking about entrepreneurs who are running their own teams and their own businesses

→ I’m talking about online personalities and public speakers who are thought leading and sharing their vital work with the world

→ I’m talking about creative artists who are using their voices for a living.

→ And I’m talking about human beings people in relationships with partners and children and family members and best friends and you know what communication is at the root of all of those experiences.

Notable moments in this episode:

How our body is built to protect us (including keeping us silent when it perceives threat or danger)

Nervous system talk about why the nervous system is the most important asset as a truth speaker.

AND, of course…

The 3 reasons why speaking up feels so hard

Watch or listen to this episode if you’d like to better understand your own experience of the challenges that can come along with speaking up.

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