There's a shift happening in women's leadership

Customized Dignity Centred Communication Training and Consulting and Group Workshops for your conference or organization.


It's time to create cultures where feeling safe to speak up is non-negotiable!

When we show up in our full dignity AND honour the dignity of others, what's possible?

Increased felt safety for all = increased desire to create = increased abundance in the work. 

"Power With" dynamics that keep morale, trust and sustainability at the forefront. Punitive leadership and communication  is a patriarchal construct rooted in oppression.

A chance to inspire the greatness in others and let it emerge, so there's equal opportunity for all to thrive in their life and work.

Strong women leaders show up, dignity first!

We offer constructive feedback like a BOSS and build resilient teams that have expanded capacity to receive feedback (Using The Dignity Centred  Communication Framework) 

We problem solve and resolve conflict using a fundamental "power with" dynamic called The Source Framework.

We understand that OUR OWN nervous system must be tended to in order to avoid rupture within our leadership communication, AND to be able to facilitate repair when harm is done using The Embodied Truth Codes 

Women leaders are held to a higher standard than men, in these Dignity Centred Communication workshops we'll deep dive into soulful strategy and science based practices to lead with dignity and from the heart. 

Dignity Centred Communication Workshops


Customized communication and voice confidence group workshops for your organization or conference that create cultures of "speak up safety" and increased abundance in your work.

This is the somatic and soulful approach to leading your professional and personal relationships centring a new kind of leader ~ The Dignity Centred Leader. 

Women leaders are constantly given the messaging that we either: don't have enough confidence or are too overbearing. These workshops challenge that stigma and give you the tools and strategies to communicate confidently AND empower others at the same time. 

You can expect:
  • voice and conversation confidence exercises.
  • practical tools, frameworks and practices to get you started with Dignity Centred Leadership.
  • inspiration, personal and team empowerment.
  • team building and leadership skill building.
  • interpersonal communication tools.
  • leadership development and amplification of women leader's voices. 
  • personal and collective healing.
  • REAL accountability that is rooted in integrity and repair. 

And so much more... 

Come together and lead, with truth!

This is NOT your father's leadership training!

We're talking about equitable and compelling communication vs old school "persuasion".

We're talking about real accountability vs punitive culture of fear based leadership.

We're talking about "power - with" dynamics vs "power - over" dynamics.

We're talking about being direct without being domineering, and being clear without being controlling. 

We're talking about centring mutual respect, dignity and integrity in leadership. 

This work is where we're dissolving the oppressive patriarchal rules of truth suppression and stepping into personal power, so we can lead with collective wellness at heart. 

Outcomes you can expect from these workshops:

Greater ease with having hard conversations and sharing hard truths in business and in life.

Take up unapologetic space as a women in leadership, in a way that feels good and honours your inner knowing. 

Healing inner critic and imposter syndrome so you can speak and lead from a place of inner peace. 

Increased confidence in your leadership communication and ability to have hard conversations without causing harm.

Shift from "fix it" leadership communication and "fake it till you make it" strategies to soulful, somatic and science based wisdom strategies and tools to help you ACTUALLY feel good about your leadership as a woman. 


here are some really nice things some of my clients have said

"I came across Elise’s instagram profile and knew immediately that we had to work together. She was a guest speaker at my last event and blew the socks off the audience. Her message was strong but delivered with love and grace. Her presence was powerful but safe and welcoming. The audience loved Elise and she was truly a gem to work with. I love Elise’s interaction with the audience. She kept them engaged, encouraged them outside of their comforts zones and brought them all together. Leading up to the event Elise was so easy to work with, and a champion in helping my event be successful."

Meagan Cole ~ Rise Up Shine Bright Event, 2021


"I’m SO GRATEFUL that Elise and her work exists in the world!! She was my go-to person to hold space for members of my Voicepreneur Membership Community, and facilitate a healing experience around imposter syndrome. What a rich workshop — major epiphanies all around!!! Myself included. :) Elise is wonderful and her workshop was just beautiful!!"

Allie Tyler ~ Business and Voice Coach

Prepare to deepen your  communication:

Embodied Presence

Find your authentic voice and dignity centred leadership presence. Learn soulful strategies and science based tools and techniques to have leadership conversations that centre a felt sense of safety, and then you'll put those learnings into life.

Amplify Women's Voices 

Be seen, be heard, be witnessed in your power as you begin to practice speaking up and having the hard conversations in a brave and compassionate space. This isn't about perfect communication, this is about authentic communication. 

Self Confidence 

No matter your own self-confidence journey, learn effective tools to communicate confidently and effectively, as well as body based practices to keep you centred and grounded during your leadership conversations. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are your workshops pre-planned or would you offer something custom for us?

I have 3 main workshops I offer; Dignity Centred Communication, Healing Imposter Syndrome & Inner Critic, and How to Have Hard Conversations however, I'm happy to chat about your customized workshop interests! 

Do you offer these workshops to groups that include men as well? 

These workshops include bucking the patriarchy, changing culture and masculine rules of leadership communication and tapping into body wisdom to have conversations that honour dignity and integrity, if there are groups with men in them that are interested in all of this; SURE! 

Will you travel to offer these workshops? If so, how does it work? 

Absolutely! I'm offer this work worldwide. Beginning steps are to fill out a workshop request form and in the location box, mention where you're located. Please note: travel and accommodation fees are in addition to workshop fees. 

Do you have any special tech needs for your workshops? 

If online, I don't need anything other than access to full function of your zoom screen when working with the group (screen share, audio share etc), if in person, I like to use an HD projector/screen for the visual component of the workshop. I also bring printed materials along with me! If I'm speaking at a conference or in a large room, I have a specific tech rider outlined in our contract! 

Are these workshops for corporations or do you offer them outside of that? 

These workshops have been offered to: corporations, entrepreneur teams and group programs, conferences and live events, guesting at retreats, and really, anywhere there's a need for women's leadership communication coaching and consulting. 

A note about diversity, equity and inclusion when considering booking a workshop: 

I am a white, cis gender woman with privilege and I frame my coaching from that point of view. I have also purposely created this work to celebrate diversity with intention, to create an affirming culture of bravery and belonging, where every participant can be their fullest selves and speak their authentic truth.

These workshops are where we redefine what  leadership communication looks like, with soulful strategies, supportive tools and science based practices to get you, your team and really... the whole dang world on board to do leadership communication differently.

When we centre dignity, integrity and authenticity in our leadership communication, we encourage and uplift other women and marginalized folks to do the same. 

THIS is where we flip the antiquated masculine leadership model on its head and lead, with dignity and truth! 

Be a part of the movement

Workshops to help you lead, with your truth!