Voice Coaching in Halifax NS

For professional and developing singers, songwriters and musicians who are ready for your next level of vocal mastery!


Voice Coaching for singers ready to rock the mic!

These are not your mother's voice lessons...  As in, you’re about to dive head first into the deep end--where vocal artistry meets unwavering confidence and becomes unshakeable vocal power.

Learn to manage your breath and vocal tone so you can sing freely.

Access the full range of your voice so you can sing the songs you want, the way you want to.

Put that pesky self-doubt and performance anxiety about your vocal capabilities on the shelf!

About Your Voice Coach, Elise Besler

20+ year veteran voice coach with voice performance & music composition degrees.

Certified in Somatic Voicework (TM), a body based singing method for pop/rock/musical theatre and other contemporary styles that supports healthy voice function and free, connected singing. AND Certified Neuro Somatic Coach ~ a nervous system regulating technique to kick performance anxiety to the curb! 

2 time ECMA nominee and 4 time Music Nova Scotia Award nominee. 

Sought after collaborator, voice coach and consultant for recording artists and creatives. 

Fun Fact: My clients call me "The Stage Fright Whisperer" so in addition to helping you build your most powerful voice, these voice coaching sessions will help you feel comfortable and safe to use your voice in any area of your artistry and life!

1:1 Private Voice Coaching


Exclusive 1:1 voice coaching packages in person at EB Voice Empowerment Studio, Halifax NS OR worldwide online via ZOOM.

This is where you claim the power of your singing voice!

This voice coaching is for professional and hobby singers who are ready to dive deep into their most authentic artistic expression, build their voice skills AND share it all with the world, with confidence.

Build an unwavering vocal foundation and technical skills with an experienced and acclaimed voice coach in a safe, brave and trauma informed coaching space.

Live your dreams of rocking the mic and singing freely through a comprehensive voice coaching program that puts healthy, authentic sound at the forefront.

You can expect outcomes like:

✓ Increased vocal strength and flexibility

✓ Increased confidence in your singing voice

✓ Extended vocal range

✓Overall smoother more connected sound

✓ Reduced vocal discomfort and fatigue 

✓Embodied confidence on stage


Find the power of your singing voice and share it with the world!

Here’s What You Get

Fully customized 1:1 private voice coaching with Elise in person or online.

The foundational skills for every singer or aspiring singer.

From breath control and management to vocal hygiene and health all the way up to getting you to free and liberated singing.

Artistry and Performance Coaching: Here’s where we work on that stage presence and confidence (whether “the stage” means having a huge audience or sharing your voice to a lucky few).

We’ll work on expression and emotion, you’ll get expert performance coaching, and--for singers with professional aspirations--music career consulting. 


Voice coaching can be done on a 8 or 12 package OR ongoing basis ~ fees will be based on session length and/or time commitment.

Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions with Elise. 

Fully  customized vocal exercises and song selection. 

Performance coaching and confidence building exercises to help you own your voice on stage and in life. 

Optional performance opportunities within Elise's Vocal Warrior Community. 

An opportunity to build your most free and authentic voice as an artist and singer... AND SO MUCH MORE! 


here are some really nice things some of my clients have said about our work together!

"Working with Elise has been an awakening of spirit. She helped me get the voice back I thought I had lost."

Jesse Brown, Award winning Singer-Songwriter

here are some really nice things some of my clients have said about our work together!

"Voice coaching with Elise has been about WAY more than just finding the power of my voice as an artist and songwriter, it's helped me get my life back! 

Wendy Jeans, Singer-Songwriter

here are some really nice things some of my clients have said about our work together!

“Even after a bachelor’s degree in voice, one session with Elise opened me up to my soul-voice like nothing else.”

Tamara Freeman, Singer-Songwriter

Some really nice things my clients have said about our work together!

“Elise has helped me realize the potential of my voice in a short amount of time. Her techniques have moved me forward with confidence. It is so exciting to get curious and explore my vocal capabilities by getting out of my comfort zone. Her guidance is always with me in practice, rehearsals, on stage and writing melodies.”

Jaclyn Reinhart, Singer Songwriter

Some really nice things my clients have said about our work together!

“I’ve been voice coaching with Elise for years now, and since I started, not only has my vocal ability improved a ton, but my self confidence has, too.

Elise is so sweet, and allows me to feel safe while I navigate my growing voice! Voice coaching has seriously been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Maddy Thompson, Singer Songwriter

Here Are the Results You Can Expect

Vocal Skill

A powerful, healthy singing voice that you can trust when you need to access it for your artistic and personal music experiences. 

Voice Confidence

To step up to the literal and metaphorical mic more in your life! To express yourself freely and without inhibition! To feel an unwavering confidence in your voice every time you open your mouth to sing!

Self Expression and Healing

To HEAL yourself with your own voice! (Oh yeah, singing is a HEALING activity!) The act of singing is a nervous system regulator that helps to manage stress and activate the calm centres in your brain and body ~ this is where the juicy stuff happens! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I work with you in person if I live in Halifax?

YES! Even though I have an international clientele, I offer in person voice coaching in my Armview area studio. These spaces are limited. Please click the CONTACT page to ask any questions or fill out THIS FORM to apply to work with Elise (please only fill out this form if you're ready to commit to voice coaching with me!). 

Are you a classical or opera voice coach?

In a word, nope! I specialize in working with singers who sing popular styles of music.
I'm also a contemporary music vocalist and have vast experience singing and teaching all styles! The old adage" learn classical to sing healthy" isn't part of our vocabulary here! 

Do you work with kids?

I will consider working with mature, coach-able teens after a paid trial lesson to see if we're a good fit. The teens I work with are actively performing, writing music or planning to in the near future. At this time, I'm not accepting any younger students below the age of 16. 

Do you work with hobby singers or just professionals?

I work with all singers!

If you aren't a professional singer, you are welcome here! The only request is that you're open to fully expressing yourself for self-development and musical interest. 

I have/have had vocal nodules, can you help me get my voice back?

I have extensive knowledge and experience helping singers recover from vocal injury and muscle tension dysphonia. I'm happy to work with you, provided you've been given the all clear from your laryngologist. Recovering from vocal injury can be a long process, I'm here to support you!

Can I just book one single session?

I do offer a trial/single session if I have the availability in my schedule. Please inquire via the CONTACT page for availability!