Welcome, Truth Speaker!

The Days of Silencing Yourself Are Over. 

Embodying your communication power starts HERE!

From boldly sharing your fully expressed voice to being visible in your body of work, and navigating challenging conversations—living a life of total self-expression, and truth-speaking starts with healing your body’s operating system. 

As a lifelong student of embodied truth, I’m here to guide you through the process of translating your body’s wisdom into intentional action and confident communication… 

…So you can feel 100% safe and seen when you use your voice.

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"Say what you mean to say" isn't as easy as it sounds... 

“You’re not talented or experienced enough to do this.”
“You’re coming on too strong—pipe down!”
“How can you inspire others when you can’t even speak up for yourself?”

Raise your hand if the overly critical voice in your head has ever kept you from doing or saying what you KNEW was right!

Yeah. That’s pretty much all of us. ESPECIALLY if we identify as women or were socialized as girls..

In the culture and systems we currently navigate, it’s all too easy for truth speakers to wind up feeling "less-than" and self-conscious about sharing their soul’s message. 

This manifests differently for everyone. Sometimes, it looks like:

  • People pleasing
  • Walking on eggshells to keep everyone happy
  • Being more harsh or blunt than you mean to be
  • Swallowing your truth instead of speaking up
  • Selling yourself short or playing small 
  • Locking up or shutting down in stressful situations

…Regardless of the symptoms, the root cause is the same—detachment from our bodies’ ancient wisdom, nervous system dysregulation, and a lack of felt safety and knowledge about how to communicate with clarity, confidence, and compassion. 

It’s time to find RECLAIM Your Voice. 

One common misconception  about folks who struggle to speak up... 

is that we need to “find our voice”—but in my experience, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The inner knowing that’s guided you to this page means that you ALREADY have a deeply wise, purpose-driven voice inside you that’s aching to be unleashed. There’s nothing to find, because the message has been inside you all along. 

Contrary to popular belief, regulating the nervous system isn’t about overcoming your nerves or shushing your anxieties. Rather, it’s about learning to interpret the innate wisdom you were born with—and harnessing it to work for you, rather than against you. 


Embodied leadership is all about learning to communicate from a place of clarity, confidence, curiosity, and compassion. As you begin building your regulating practice, soulful coaching frameworks will support your expansion as a leader, communicator, and truth speaker. 




Even if you practice nervous system regulation for years, I can’t promise that nothing will never trigger you again—but we CAN equip you with the tools, knowledge, and resilience needed to step forward boldly, even under pressure. Our time together will be focused on shifting you into a state of embodied, authentic, resilient self-expression, so you can move forward, speak your truth with confidence.

The Result? My Clients Usually Experience…

  • Increased confidence and ease during hard conversations and on stage.

  • More confidence around setting healthy boundaries.

  • Deeper self-trust and a deeper sense of safety and serenity.

  • Increased ability to hold their autonomy and agency in personal and professional relationships. (In other words, not giving their power away!)

  • Nervous system regulation at the core level. 

  • Healing from inner critic narratives, imposter syndrome, people pleasing, limiting beliefs, “stuckness,” and burnout. 

  • Greater sense of purpose and soul-alignment. 

What does this mean, practically speaking?

Whether we work together for a day, a month, or a year (or longer!), our work begins with cultivating a trauma-informed practice to support deep connection to your inner truth. Your nerves aren’t in your head—they’re actually in your body. Through regular training exercises, you can learn to communicate with your body and unlock fearless expression. 

Dignity-Centered Communication

Resilient Inner Truth Expression

in other words … Life-changing transformation and the ability to fully, powerfully express themselves—often for the first time ever! 


"I was struggling with celebrating myself and believing my voice was worth sharing. It was empowering to open up and share my truth and struggles. Since this opening, I’m empowered to speak up and trust my voice."

Jess Clerk ~ Confidence Coach and Podcast Host

client love


“Elise has helped me uncover areas of my life and work where I was ready to express myself more authentically. As an entrepreneur this has been life changing! It has allowed me to refine my skills in listening and speaking from a place of personal truth, power and authenticity”

Erica Blackburn ~ Spiritual Mentor and Clarity Coach

client love


“This work makes me feel so empowered. I've been encouraged to trust my voice despite my inner critic. I've gone from staying silent or responding in fight mode to expressing myself from a more regulated state. In this work, I've felt safe to build my confidence and ability to speak my truth. ”

Alison McCrae ~ Board Chair, IWK Foundation

client love


“Working with Elise, I was able to let go of some of my fears around perfection or looking silly, and sink into what it meant to identify myself, my desires, and my goals. Elise helped shift my perspective from being a passive character in my own life, to a much more active one. I highly recommend working with Elise if you struggle with communicating not only with others, but also with yourself.”

Nikki Rose Martin ~ Actor/Musician/Writer/Teacher

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Around Here, We Believe…

  • All humans deserve to be loved, respected, seen, heard, understood and believed in their lived experience. Regardless of race, gender identity, body size, or any other marginalizing factors—your presence here is welcomed and appreciated. 

  • Integrity and dignity are the center of everything. I don’t subscribe to oppressive cultural standards or pushy marketing practices, and total consent is at the heart of everything we do. 

  • Your voice matters. Even if you aren’t rich and famous. Even if you’ve never taken a stage. Even if you’re not sure whether anyone cares what you have to say… I care. And the world is waiting to hear from you!

  • Effective leaders are embodied leaders. Learning to regulate your nervous system and communicate clearly are key to making the impact you want to make without causing harm along the way. 

  • Self-expression is a product of felt safety. If you’ve struggled to express yourself fully, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you! Rather, it’s somatic wisdom that needs to be addressed, processed, and rerouted. 

My Journey With Nervous System Regulation, Body Wisdom, & Truth Speaking

I started my life as a painfully shy child (I used to hide behind my mom's bell bottoms).

I knew I had so much to say, but the words wouldn't move past my lips.

I became a perfectionist and wouldn't say "boo" unless it was at the right time, to avoid feeling humiliated.

Record Scratch, flip the switch... I had a BIG passion for singing. So, imagine that conundrum!

I've also lived in a large body most of my life and spent a good number of years waffling back and forth between shrinking myself so I could be more conventionally acceptable, and staying silent in my larger body so as not to draw attention to myself. 

I didn't know it before, but this was WISE AF on my nervous system's part. 

It's no surprise that I've spent the majority of my life supporting others to heal their own nervous systems so they can access their inner truth and share their voice with the world. 

In addition to years of experience as a life coach, voice coach and communication expert, the most important work I've done over the past decade is learning how the wisdom of our nervous system (namely the vagus nerve) can make or break a soul-aligned truth speaking moment.

My teacher, Deb Dana (Poly Vagal Theory) says: "Our story (the one we believe/tell ourselves) follows our nervous system state.”

If our story is of stress and trauma, our state and authentic truth functioning is suppressed.

If our story is of ease, regulation and gratitude, we have a greater chance of feeling comfortable to show up authentically and even boldly. 

Understanding your own nervous system cues and how they affect your ability to show up authentically is the path to fully expressing your truth. 

This work has changed my life and leadership—and over the past 20+ years, I'm grateful to witness the ways in which it’s transformed my clients’ lives, too! 

My clients…

  • Get in touch with their body cues and learn how those cues influence their expression of truth. 

  • Befriend and rewire their nervous system, so they can get a handle on those whacked-out responses we all feel from time to time and move through those tricky feelings with ease.

  • Massively increase their visibility and leadership, with ease, grace, and confidence. 

  • Center dignity in their communication style, cultivating a deeper sense of felt safety and holding space for safe interactions personally and professionally. 

  • Own their authentic truth, speak it powerfully, and stand up for themselves and others, even in challenging situations. 

I believe that when one person heals the belief that their voice isn’t worthy, they inspire that change in others too. 


If you’re ready to reclaim your powerful voice and share your truth with the world—I am honoured to support you on your journey!

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