Build the confidence to speak your truth through nervous system regulation. 

Become a well-boundaried-person in your personal and professional leadership and build capacity to SAY THE THING you really want to say!

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Free Confident Communication Workbook!

— Do you freeze when it's time to speak up under pressure? — YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Speaking your truth is an art—AND a learnable skill. In my free confident communication workbook, RECLAIM YOUR VOICE, you’ll uncover…

  • 5 Rescue Phrases to use AFTER you've frozen, so you can communicate with clarity in any arena and say the thing you meant to say in the first place. 

  • A bonus video training to ease your nervous system and quiet your racing mind during difficult conversations, so you can anchor yourself in safety and ease. 

  • The real reason why we struggle to set boundaries, stand up for ourselves, ask for what we desire, and communicate with compassion—and how changing your inner game can change your outer results. 


Here's what Stephanie had to say about our coaching session!

"Before working with Elise, something in my body or subconscious was holding me back - literally. My throat would often feel like it was closing in or blocked when I was talking. I had a call with Elise that was so transformational, it raised my awareness of my body wisdom and love for my whole self. Anyone on the fence about doing this work, DO IT! I have no doubt that Elise could lead anyone through their limiting beliefs towards full body expression. Who wouldn’t want that?"

Stephanie Peters- Barlett ~ Reconciliation Coach

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You've found your way here because you want to  express yourself freely. 

You have a soul-deep sense that you’re meant to be fully expressed ~ a yearning to make an impact and stop tripping over your words in your personal and professional life.


As people in leadership, ambitious entrepreneurs, public speakers, and humans in relationships, we’re born with a fierce desire to speak up. And yet:

>> Our throats might lock up in the middle of difficult conversations. 

>> We tend to people please and set wobbly boundaries—OR over-correct, speak too harshly, and shut people out. 

>> We frequently ignore the ancient wisdom of our bodies, misread nervous system cues, and trap ourselves in spirals of negativity and self-doubt. 

You’re done with suppressing your inner voice and ready to step forward into full, authentic self-expression. 

Your Voice & Embodied Communication Coach. Over 20+ years of working with leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, coaches, and fabulous folks of all stripes, I’ve helped thousands of people to:

  • Ditch oppressive cultural narratives that keep us stuck in self-doubt. 
  • Master the art of setting clear, healthy boundaries. 
  • Communicate with clarity, confidence, and compassion.
  • Navigate difficult personal and professional leadership conversations with ease and grace. 
  • Unlock total agency and speak from a place of truth, power, and authenticity. 

I'm here to help you take the "Ick" out of speaking up.

I'm Elise! (she-her)


“Elise’s last retreat in Hawaii was literally life-changing, and I came home with a clear path, a vision for my future, and the tools to make it happen.”

Working with Elise has been transformative in more ways than I ever imagined. She has helped me understand and access the ancient wisdom that exists within my own body, allowing me to move through my days more ease-fully and navigate challenging relationships and conversations with compassion and calm. If you're stuck in "fight, flight, or freeze" and you're ready for a more serene and sustainable approach to life, then I highly recommend Elise as your gentle, insightful, and compassionate guide.

Emily Reiner ~ Health Coach and Entrepreneur

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How I Can Support You

Choose your approach


RE-Sounding Woman Personal Leadership & Wellness Retreat 2024

  • (RE)Claim your voice & feel at ease when you communicate. 

  • Heal what’s held you back in a sacred, trauma-informed space on the Atlantic coast of Canada. 

  • Witness yourself in your most empowered truth, amongst a like-minded community of soulful women.


Embodied Life, Leadership, & Communication Coaching

  • Ditch the people pleasing, learn to set boundaries and SAY THE THING you want to.  

  • Be present while you're speaking, think clearly while under pressure so you can communicate with clarity.

  • Lead your team, your family, your clients, and others in your charge with grace, compassion, and confidence. 


Keynotes, Summits, & Workshops

  • Activate your audience to RE claim the power of their voice and be fully expressed. 

  • Uncover the truth about nervous system & find out what it really takes to create lasting change in our body’s operating system. 

  • Find out how to communicate with clarity and confidence, even in the midst of high-pressure situations. 




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