Hey Resilient Soul

Fact: You are on this earth to lead with your truth!

It's time to become more of who you're meant to be!


Lead With Your Truth is an 18 page PDF workbook outlining the somatic and soulful approach to using your voice confidently in life and leadership. 


Claiming your bold presence means...

You're ready to show up in life and leadership as the magical being you're on this earth to BE.

If you're like the folks on my coaching roster, you're ready to show up and speak up in a way that feels soul-aligned.


  • You're a fabulous human or an entrepreneur, leadership professional or public speaker ready to show up and live more authentically.
  • You've been curious about what it might be like to show up FULLY as yourself in your life and work and you're ready to embody your most confident self.
  • You're ready to take responsibility for your nervous system, emotional expression and how to come home to yourself and express your truth in a way that feels GOOD. 

AND, most importantly... 

You're ready to live a soul aligned and unapologetic life full of meaning and empowered purpose. 

Align your inner truth with your Bold Presence!

Welcome to the next steps in becoming more of who you're meant to be, my friend!

I'm a Voice and Embodied Life and Leadership Coach for Fabulous Humans, Coaches and folks in leadership that are ready to dive deep and do what their soul came here to do... be bold and authentic. 

Over my 20+ year career, I've helped thousands of people like you connect with their truth, get clear on who they really are, and share that truth confidently with the world. 

My clients are done defining their lives by oppressive cultural narratives.

They're done sacrificing sacred boundaries to "stay in line", overthinking every move and giving away their power. 

They are done hiding. They're ready to embody ease and grace in life and work.

I see you, powerful soul.

If pushing through and "faking it till you make it" was a sustainable option, you wouldn't be here seeking support for your own personal and professional growth.

The direction you're moving needs you to flip the bird to the patriarchy and all of the other systems that suppress the power of speaking authentic truth, AND most of all... heal your nervous system so you can speak from your heart! 

Welcome, to a brave and shame free space where you can 

let me introduce myself

I'm Elise (she-her)

I'm your Bold Presence Visionary!



Work with me!

Choose your medium

The Embodied Leader Incubator

Your next coaching and leadership uplevel is closer than you think. There is a wise, purposeful leader within you.One who can compassionately guide your work forward in a rapidly changing culture. Keep reading to learn how it’s done in The Embodied Leader Incubator 3 month training program.

Embodied Voice Coaching

Learn The Art and Soul of Speaking Up with fully customized public speaking and voice coaching. Gain confidence, overcome stage fright and imposter syndrome and claim your voice and story. For thought leaders, artists, public speakers and entrepreneurs!

Embodied Life Coaching

Come back home to yourself. Transformational life coaching for fabulous humans ready to claim (or reclaim) the person you're on this earth to be. This is where we do the trauma aware deep healing work needed to embody the next level of your existence!




Here are some kind words my fabulous clients have said about our work together:

“Fabulous! Empowering! Freeing!
I’ve discovered that this work is the path to more of everything, and that it’s less about mindset and more about training my body that it’s safe to express myself. Elise gets to the root fast by encouraging me to be present to the wisdom of my body.”

Becky Keen - Business and Mindset Coach

client love


"Before working with Elise, something in my body or subconscious was holding me back - literally. My throat would often feel like it was closing in or blocked when I was talking. I had a call with Elise that was so transformational, it raised my awareness of my body wisdom and love for my whole self. Anyone on the fence about doing this work, DO IT! I have no doubt that Elise could lead anyone through their limiting beliefs towards full body expression. Who wouldn’t want that?"

Stephanie Peters- Barlett ~ Reconciliation Coach

client love

It's truth time!

The number one reason folks find embodiment challenging is rooted in nervous system science...

... and less to do with a mindset fix. There's actually nothing TO fix.  

Let's be real... the world is a challenging place to navigate right now, it's ok to acknowledge that challenge and how it takes a tole on your nervous system.

Your nervous system is designed to choose safety and belonging over authenticity and will do that for us EVERY TIME. (FYI This is a 500 million year old part of our DNA.)

The challenges folks have with being bold, authentic and speaking up are rooted in the signals our body sends to our brain, to keep us safe. 

The real strategy in learning to show up boldly with greater ease is to befriend the sensations and cues your body is wisely sending to you. 

Folks who work with me regularly experience:

  • Increased confidence in their ability to have hard conversations and set/maintain sustainable boundaries.
  • - finding and unleashing the power of their voice.
  • Increased ability to hold onto their autonomy in personal and professional relationships. (Aka: not giving their power away).
  • Nervous system regulation at the core level.
  • Trusting their body cues for the first time.   
  • Fearless presence in personal and professional leadership.
  • Healing self doubt.
  • Trusting their voice and inner truth at a cellular/soul level.
  • ealing inner critic narratives.
  • Healing imposter syndrome.
  • Healing toxic people pleasing.
  • Healing limiting beliefs that hold them back from living the life they really want.
  • Moving out of “stuckness” and overwhelm.
  • Healing burnout.
  • Exploring and maintaining work/life balance.
  • Finding and feeling a greater sense of purpose.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, they're living a soul aligned life for maybe the first time ever!

Click below to learn more and work with me! 


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Public Speakers...

Drop into your body and speak your truth!

Unleash Your Voice is a 13 minute guided meditation to help you embody the deepest truth that lives inside you, so you can speak from your heart and lead with YOUR truth.